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Waddell & Reed WealthLink is your personal portal providing a holistic view of your financial life in one secure location.

It’s a collaborative venue where we can share financial information and define and update your goals while developing strategies to pursue those goals. 

What can the WealthLink do for you? 

What can the WealthLink do for you? 

It can help you establish budgets and maintain spending; determine and monitor your net worth; and allow you and I to establish, monitor and update your goals. In short, it’s a personal website that uses sophisticated technology to offer you a consolidated view of your financial life in one secure location.    

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<p>Life in a Box</p>

Life in a Box

What if life was so simple that everything you owned fit into a box? Intrigued? Call me to learn more.
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What can Riskalyze do for you?

What can Riskalyze do for you?

Riskalyze is a cutting edge technology platform that pinpoints your acceptable levels of risk and reward with unparalleled accuracy. Knowing your Risk Number® helps us ensure that your portfolio aligns with your investment goals and expectations. After you take the 5 minute Risk Assessment quiz, your advisor will know exactly what you feel comfortable risking in order to gain.  

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