Krista McPherson

Krista McPherson

Marketing Associate

Krista McPherson is the Marketing Associate for Emerald Wealth and with over 5 years of unique customer service experience with a special skill set in client management. She recently graduated with honors receiving her Bachelor of Science in Communication with a concentration in Social Media Marketing from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences within Arizona State University. 

As an Arizona native, she enjoys hiking in the beautiful desert landscape as well as fashion photography and sewing. 


Krista acts as a non-registered associated person of LPL Financial.  She is authorized to assist LPL Financial Advisors with approved activities.  She is prohibited from soliciting, creating a market or account for any securities, investment advisory or insurance services.  These activities are the sole responsibility of the Advisor(s) she supports.  In addition, she is not authorized to enter into any contractual obligations on behalf of LPL Financial.

LPL Financial is not affiliated with any other entities referenced.